5 MAGICAL Steps to CRACK Any Exam

23-11-15 careerpundit 0 comment

MAGICAL yet simple

Step 1 : Know What Are You Doing ?

  • Know the Pattern Of The Paper (Collection of previous paper). Make sure you developed a map in your mind for the structure of the paper.
  • Make a performance Diary to write time for solving questions.

Step 2 : Know Where Are You?

  • Know your level by writing a few previous years’ exams
  • Know your level by writing a few previous years’ exams
  • Learn Concepts and Practice different question.
  • In order to do well in the Comprehension section practice reading for gist and details. Read whatever you can and whenever you can.
  • Pay attention to new vocabulary that you come across.
  • Brush up on your fundamental concepts of Mathematics and English. Try and read up on Banks and pertaining information. This will help you in the General awareness section and the interview.
  • Go ahead and prepare a study planner and calendar for yourself and ensure that you stick to it.

Step 3 : Crucial Stages Come in Middle

  • The written sections of Reasoning, Verbal and Aptitude can be prepared for by solving the previous papers. Try and attempt those questions that you are hundred percent sure of.
  • Do not leave anything for the last minute. Work on a little bit of everything every day. Last minute studying will not help you.
  • For the General Awareness section try and read the newspapers and general knowledge books regularly. Try and make a scrap book on the latest banking news, mergers, acquisitions and agreements.
  • On the day of the exam first select questions that you feel hundred percent sure of. This will enable you to keep an eye on the time and not fall in the trap of negative marks.
  • Go through acquaint yourself booklet that you usually get when you apply for the exam. It has several helpful tips.

Step 4 : Short Tests Are Most Useful

  • Once you are well versed with all topics then this time is to work on your speed.
  • Always prefer short tests (at least 4/day) followed by a full test (Once in a week).
  • Write Tricks/ Vocabulary on dining Table / TV tables / Bathroom door/ Washbasin or at any place where you wait for something.
  • Try to practice concentration and meditation regularly. This will help you to remain focused during preparation and also on the day of the exam.

Step 5 : Time For Final Battle

  • Decrease the gap between full test.
  • Practice how to write paper i.e. At the exam start answering from the General Awareness section as that does not require a lot of thinking. Keep the time to 25 minutes for this section.
  • Be careful to tick the right answer as you might know it but not tick it.
  • Next, attempt the English section. The first 10 questions are based on comprehending a passage and the remaining ones are basic grammar and sentence structure. This should not take you more than 20 to 265 minutes.
  • Then you can choose from the remaining two sections whichever you are comfortable with.
  • You must be accustomed with the exam paper so that you do not waste any precious time understanding the format or the instructions.